Here at Bakery Lane Cakes, we take great pride in the flavour and texture of everything we produce.  

Our cakes are dense, moist and full of fudgy goodness!


We don't use any pre-made mixes or "box cakes" - everything is baked with the freshest ingredients with no added preservatives.


* Please note we do not make sponge cakes, continental cakes, or fresh cream filled cakes.


Chose from the following flavours:


​​Vanilla Buttercake 

A dense, fluffy and buttery cake


Red Velvet Cake

A classic cake from "down south" in the USA...  Chocolate and buttermilk cake dyed red 


Chocolate Mud Cake

A rich, gooey and dense chocolate cake


Flourless Chocolate Cake

For those with gluten allergies who dont want to miss out on chocolate cake!  Made with almond meal.


Carrot Cake

A dense and spicy cake!  This can be made with or without walnuts


Banana Cake

Delicious and tropical banana cake that can be made with or without walnuts.


Classic Fruit Cake

Jam packed with dried fruits soaked in brandy.


White Chocolate Mud Cake

Rich and creamy white chocolate cake.  A spin on the classic chocolate mud cake.






We always fill our cakes twice - layers of cake are alternated with filling to give you the true Bakery Lane Cakes experience.


Choose from the following fillings:


Dark Chocolate Ganache

Rich and indulgent dark chocolate filling


White Chocolate Ganache

Creamy & smooth white chocolate filling


Vanilla Buttercream

Vanilla infused, smooth buttercream


Chocolate Fudge 

Decadent smooth chocolate filling


Lemon Buttercream

Lemon infused buttercream with lemon zest


Coconut Buttercream

Coconut infused buttercream with desicated coconut pieces


Chocolate Chip

Vanilla buttercream base with mini chocolate chips


Cookies and Cream

Vanilla buttercream base with crushed up chocolate cookies