The BLC Story...

Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Sue-Ellen and I am the owner of Bakery Lane Cakes.

The idea for BLC was born over 6 years ago when my good friend Sheil and I started baking cupcakes "for fun". It wasn't long before we were getting more and more orders (from family and friends - but hey, everyone starts somewhere!). At the time, Sheil had just had her first child, and had also started her own home business ( part-time which allowed her to stay at home with her son. As she got busier with DSH, so did Bakery Lane. It was at that time that we decided to branch out on our own. She would keep running with DSH, and I would run with BLC.

Fast forward to the end of 2012 - I had just gotten married and the business was really taking off. But it wasn't enough for me... I wanted MORE! I was determined to keep building the business and with each year was more and more successful.

It’s taken me a good solid 3 years to get Bakery Lane Cakes to where it is today, but I’m still not satisfied - I still want more! It’s with this blog (and a few other bits and pieces) that I plan to keep growing and growing BLC, and I would love to take all of my customers - old and new - on this journey with me.

I plan on blogging fortnightly - so please join me!

In the meantime, please sign up to our monthly newsletter, where i share our cupcake flavours of the month, cake of the month, recipes and more...

Peace, Love and Cupcakes,

Sue-Ellen xoxo

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