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I really hate to be the bearer of bad news - but according to statistics, children could be consuming up to 200 toxic chemicals at the average birthday party...YIKES!

But don’t cancel that party yet - because with a little planning, you can create just as much fun without all the nasties. Here is my guide to creating the ultimate chemical free kids party...

Buy Australian Made...

Seeking out products that are made in Australia not only supports local merchants and but, it also means your items clock up less air miles to reach you - so much better for our environment. Check out Pure Poppet for all natural face paints, makeup and lipsticks. Plus, all those mass made party bags, face paints and toys are full of hidden chemicals - you can actually smell it!

Ditch the Streamers and Balloons...

... And replace them with eco-friendly balloons made from real rubber trees! Eco Party Box has a great selection of eco-friendly party bags, pass the parcel toys and goodie bag fillers. You could also do your own DIY decorations such as fabric flower garlands, or paper pinwheels.

Serve Additive-Free Foods

Read labels and look for treats with those 5 magic words “No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives”. I’m a fan of the Natural Confectionary Co. lollies and Cobs organic popcorn, available from most supermarkets. For more ideas on additive-free foods such as chemical free jelly crystals, party pies and "fizzy" drinks check out

Make Fruit Exciting

Most kids love fruit and you can really jazz it up for a birthday party. For an energy high without the nasty sugar rush, you can make fruit kebabs or hearts and stars fruit salad.

Make Your Own Toppers

You can make chemical free fairy bread with real butter and 100% natural sprinkles, coloured with vegetable extracts. 100’s & 1,000s by the Hopper brand are also free from gluten, dairy, egg, nut, soy. You can also use the sprinkles on top of homemade cupcakes or make your own cute flags or print-outs from recycled paper to add wow-factor to your cakes.

Switch Up The Party Games

Why stop with food, toys and decorations? Consider throwing an entire eco-themed party in your backyard or the local park. Create simple invitations on recycled paper, have the kids dress up in their favourite “explorer” outfit and host a nature scavenger hunt. There are loads of ideas on Pintrest to get you started!

Peace, Love and Cupcakes,

Sue-Ellen xoxo

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