Spring Party Trends for Kids

I'm not a mother yet, but I can only imagine what’s happened in your place over winter... kids getting cabin fever, not being able to play outside because this weather has just been so feral!

But fear not! The sun is slowly starting to melt the frost and spring is right around the corner :)

Here are a few ideas to kick off your spring birthday parties...


When I say camping, I mean getting hubby to throw a couple of tents up in the backyard! If you already have camping equipment, bonus! If not, you can always hire it from a place like All Camping Hire (based in Qld, but can deliver) or, you can borrow from neighbours or friends.

You will need a couple of small tents or one big one, a few roasting sticks and a lantern. If you can contain a free standing fire pit, that’s even more awesome and authentic for the kids. Obviously adult supervision is always required around fires but nothing says fun like roasting marshmallows on a campfire :)


Not for those that are faint of heart! But I can guarantee this one is a hit with the boys and tomboys alike. Encourage guests to wear old clothing and shoes, and to bring along their favourite toy cars and trucks. Pile and scatter some dirt around the back yard, hose it down, and you've got yourself a mud pit! You can get some cheap pavers and PVC pipes from Bunnings to build some bridges, and you could also set up a "Car Wash" for the end of the party. It won’t be easy watching those kids get grubby (not for me anyway!) but you won’t hear a peep out of them for hours. At the end of the party, hose them off and send them home lol!


An oldie, but a goodie. Let’s put a modern spin on it - you could theme it - Disney Princess, Barbie or Dora the Explorer. You could have the girls help by making some small cakes or fairy bread for the birthday party, then they could get dressed up afterwards. Have the girls bring their own dress ups (I’m sure they have plenty of dress ups lying around).

You can get jewelry making kits from places like Spotlight so you could have the girls make their own princess jewelry. Get some of the mums to help out and make sure the big girls get dressed up too :)


This is gold for the warmer weather, and you can do it on the cheap too! Head over to your local $2 shop and grab plastic tablecloths, plastic plates, cups and napkins. You could also probably get some decorations from there too (plastic/paper bunting, lanterns etc.).

Get foods that are easy to pack and go like chips, dips, sandwiches and crackers. And for a sweet option, cream filled biscuits, fruit salad, and individual ice-cream cups.

Entertain the kids with some hopscotch (grab some chalk from the $2 shop too!), grab a piñata or organize a scavenger hunt.


Bugs, birds and butterflies are the theme for this party! Grab a heap of tissue paper and pipe cleaners and get the kids to make flowers and creepy crawlies. Take the kids to a nearby nature park for a walk and take along a local bird and plant guide for identification purposes. Kids can collect things they find on the walk and make a scrapbook from the things they have found and learnt. Serve flower cookies and make bug juice (Cordial with plastic bugs frozen in ice cubes - do not serve to toddlers!)


This is perfect for the end of spring when the weather is warming up. Grab some wading pools, a slip n slide and loads of water guns and water balloons. You can buy cheap flippers and pool toys for the kids to play with. Mini pizzas, hot dogs and party pies can be served up for lunch and for dessert, serve fresh fruit and ice-cream cake. This party will guarantee they play hard during the day, and sleep well at night.

Peace, love and cupcakes,

Sue-Ellen xoxo

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