Spring Cake Trends

Getting hitched soon or having a big party and still undecided on what design you would like for your cake?

Read on for the cake trends for Spring 2015!

Sequin Cakes - Rose, Gold and Silver

You can achieve so many stunning effects with a sequined cake! But be prepared to pay big $$ for labour - these are seriously time consuming - but worth the effort I'm sure you would agree!


The perfect way to add a feminine touch. Choose a completely ruffled cake or chose just one tier.


Move over fondant - Buttercream is making a comeback!!!

Metallic Cake

Gold leaf can be applied to give cakes a glam metallic sheen!

French Inspired Treats

Get your French on with Macarons, Croquembouce & Crepes! Oui!

Mixed Shape Tiers

Mix it up by changing the shape of your tiers - from round, square, or oval, the choices are endless.

Single Tiered Cake

Don't have many guests to feed? Keep it simple and stunning with a single tiered cake.

Floral Designs

Love flowers? Get artsy and have your cake decorator hand paint a stunning floral design on your cake.

Naked Cakes

Keep it rustic and simple... layers can be filled with pretty much anything and have your cake decorated with edible blooms or fresh berries.

Peace, Love & Cupcakes,

Sue-Ellen xoxo

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