Cake in a jar!!!

Fancy a little sunshine in a jar?

"Sunshine in a jar..." rolls off the tongue so nicely doesn’t it? This simple recipe vanilla butter cake recipe can easily be turned into your own little jar of sunshine for your next event - or even as at treat next Saturday night!

Cakes baked in mason jars with traditional metal lids can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days so they are the ideal party favours... they can be baked a few days ahead of time and still stay fresh for your guests to enjoy days later...



  • Follow the instructions of your basic recipe to make up your vanilla batter

  • Split the batter in even amounts into 5 smaller bowls

  • Add a small amount of food colouring to each bowl of batter and mix until combined. I find it easier to use the handle of a teaspoon to scoop the food colouring out. Always start with a small amount of food colouring. The Wilton colours are pretty intense and you don’t need much of it to achieve a nice colour. Remember less is best! It’s easier to add more colour if it isn’t bright enough than to try and lighten it up again if there is too much depth for your liking.

  • Now the next step has two alternatives:

  • 1 - You can bake sheet cakes in the individual colours (I prefer this way as then you can put icing between each layer of cake); or

  • 2 - Layer the colours on top of one another in the jars and bake.

  • If you went with option 1 in the previous step, once the cakes have cooled completely, turn the cake out onto a chopping board and use round cutters to cut out circles the same width as your jars ( I like this brand found on eBay -

  • Make up your vanilla buttercream icing and scoop into a piping bag

  • To finish:

  • 1 - Layer a piece of cake and then pipe buttercream on top alternating the colours to whatever your liking. For a bit of an extra fun-factor - you can mix the sprinkles into the buttercream.

  • Top with buttercream and seal the lid right away to avoid it drying out; or

  • 2 - Top your cake jars (the ones baked in the mason jar) with vanilla buttercream and garnish with sprinkles.

  • As above, seal the jars immediately to avoid the cake drying out.


Peace, love and cupcakes,

Sue-Ellen xoxo

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